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What It's All About

Finally there is a new solution to an age old problem that actually works! The RV Gutter Spout Protector is a simple gutter spout covering system that protects your RV cover from gutter spouts damage. This durable product installs easily from your RV rooftop in minutes, so you don't have to do a balancing act on a ladder from each corner of your motorhome. The RV Gutter Spout Protector completely blocks the destructive effects of gutter spouts, so you can say goodbye to inferior home remedies forever!

The RV Cover Rescue gutter spout covers works on any length RV since each pair installs side-to-side: one set for the front, one for the back.

Instructions for use


Step 1:

While on the roof, and before covering you RV, start at one corner with a Gutter Spout that has a 12' strap attached.

Step 2:

Slide the Cover over the gutter spout at that corner and move toward the opposite corner at whichever end of the RV you are at, feeding the strap out as you go. Retain minimal tension on the strap as you go, to prevent the Cover from slipping off.

Step 3:

For optimal results, loop the strap around/over/through the nearest object protruding from the RV roof (ladder, A/C unit, vent, etc.) so that the strap is deflected toward the center of the RV making a slight "V" shape.

Step 4:

Once at the opposite side, slide the Cover with the 3' strap over the opposite gutter spout and attach the 2 ends of the side release buckle, then lightly pull the remaining slack from the strap(s) and move to the other end of the RV and repeat the process.

Step 5:

In the event that the nearest object protruding from the RV roof is out of reach of the straps, make a loop from nylon rope that is long enough to go around the roof object and extend to 4’ from the end of the RV. Lace the product straps through the loop to make a “V”. Also, 1” wide nylon or polypropylene strap and similar tri-glide quick release buckles can be purchased reasonably at most hardware outlets to simply extend the 15’ strap length provided. If questions persist, contact RV-Cover-Rescue@comcast.net for assistance.

Step 6:

Go ahead and install your cover with peace of mind that the gutter spouts will no longer shred your RV covers. Enjoy your RV Cover Rescue.

Demo Videos

Installation demonstration:

Demonstration Video for Step 5 of Instructions

This product works on RVs of any length. It installs side-to-side and the only issue that might arise due to strap length is the availability of an object protruding from the RV roof. Watch this video to see a couple ways to easily get around this issue.

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RV Cover Rescue



WARNING: This product MAY contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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By N. Ryan on October 2, 2017

Just covered our Montana 5th wheel RV for the winter and these were very easy to install, had plenty of strap to go over the trailer. Previously we had put rags on the downspouts. These were so much easier and should work great for protection from wear spots. They didn't move even sliding the cover over and into place on the trailer. We are really happy with them.

By D. Davirro on September 23, 2017

These fit my 21' just fine. Well worth the money. I have patched my cover far too many times, and I know these will stop that. If you have questions, write the seller. I did, and they responded quickly. Not everyone is fair when they write a review, so do your homework.

By Aslania on April 30, 2017

last season I wrapped foam around the gutter downspout so as not to tear my brand new cover. This is so much easier, and takes seconds. Great Idea!

By MotoSteve on July 1, 2017

I didn't know there was such a product. Now I can't see how I got along without.

By M. P. on August 25, 2017

This is such a great idea and it works well to protect the gutters from the cover

By K. Myers on September 1, 2017

Great product. We have a 38 foot 5th wheel and the RV Cover Rescue works great. Will order more as we have several rain spouts on our rv.

By G. Carocci on June 6, 2017

Excellent product!

by Anonymous on September 18, 2017

Not sure why other review said this is not good for larger RVs. We just put it on our 40" fifth wheel, and after following directions it works just fine. Now that we have a set I wouldn't dream of covering without them.

Pros: Easy To Put On , Works Like A Charm

By R. Kelly on September 23, 2017

Great item. The only issue is that I thought the blue balls were a soft rubber not a hard plastic.

By J. Flyer on September 14, 2017

This is an excellent product, well designed and easy to install. Others have commented about the straps being too short for long trailers. Not a problem for my 27 ft. trailer.

Warranty / Defects

We stand solidly behind this product and will replace any unit purchased that suffers from defects due to materials or workmanship without any explicit time limit from the purchase date. It is our belief that this product should stick around for many, many covering seasons.

While the majority of our online reviews are highly favorable, there are some negative reviews regarding defective straps. We have responded to 7 customer complaints about straps and sent replacements. There may be just as many negative reviews for straps from buyers that didn’t reach out to us for remedy, for some unfathomable reason. Specifically relating to the strap failure, we believe these failures happen when covering a camper in the summer months in hotter areas of the country (Arizona, Southern CA especially). It seems that the cover acts like an oven and has a particularly unfavorable effect on the polypropylene straps. We are researching alternative materials for the straps to address this issue and will incorporate this change in future batches. In the mean time, the existing straps work just fine in the non-ovenlike conditions. Anyone interested in waiting until the improved version becomes available can email us for possibilities/timing. There have also been 12 instances of plastic breakage in the area where the steel pin inserts into the plastic cover halves.

For the purposes of context, these defect numbers are as of late September 2019, and after having sold more than 17,000 units in 3 years since the introduction of the product. 20 defects out of 17,000 units is a defect percentage of .117% Bump that up to 30 to cover the unreported defects and you graduate to .176%. We consider that rate something of which to be proud.

So, no matter what your experience is, or if you are considering purchasing our product, rest assured that your satisfaction is our absolute concern and we will do anything reasonable to make sure that is the case.

Sincerely, MH57 Products, Inc.

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